Locating and securing top talent for various industries and leading edge companies.

About Us

Who We Are

  • TeamLink Global is an executive search firm offering individualized and custom search options for emerging growth companies.

    Our goal is to partner with your organization to identify and secure your industry’s top talent to either keep your company on top or take it to the next level.

    Strategic plans of action as opposed to reactionary processes make your company the best in the business.

    Talent management is the key to your company’s success.  

    Impact players on your team make the difference between leading and following in the industry.   

Why Use a Recruiter?

  • With today’s current market, locating and actually securing top talent is a challenge for many companies.

    Key players are not out searching the job boards, perusing newspaper classifieds or chatting with their friends about looking for a new position.
    They are busy impacting the business for the company they work for today!

    These candidates are happy in their current position and are not actively looking to make a move.
    Getting their attention is difficult because they are focused on taking their company to the top.

    Utilizing the experience and resources of a good recruiting firm can make the difference between securing marginal versus top talent in your industry.

    There are many great recruiters in the industry and your challenge is finding the right partnership for your company.   

Why Us?

  •  At TeamLink Global, we take pride in our exceptional track record of producing top tier candidates and representing your company with the integrity and professionalism you desire.

    We choose our clients and searches carefully and will not take on your search if it is determined we are not your best resource.

    Because of our extensive networking abilities, we can and will provide you with other exceptional options if we are not the right fit for your needs in a current search.     


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